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hey there, I’m Anna!

I was born in Italy, grew up in New York and five years ago I moved to Miami to pursue my degree in communications and business at the University of Miami.

My passion for design started in middle school, when projects and any excuse to go to the craft store made for a great day. I worked for Public Relations and Advertising agencies, a luxury lifestyle magazine and event planning companies both during and after college, but always felt that something was missing… The same cookie cutter approach wasn’t working for the vast variety of projects out there and I wanted to make sure that each experience was completely customizable.

During my time working in different (but all fun!) positions, I started taking on freelance projects on the side. A lot of late nights and weekends spent working with some amazing people and I was convinced- I wanted to do this full time.

Fast forward to now, with 4+ years of experience, I’ve gotten to work on some amazing projects with the best people.

In my spare time, you can find me working on my foundation, playing with my Frenchie Cici or eating tacos somewhere in Miami.